Patent # 8113094

Made in America

Emergency Rescue Tools Assisting in saving lives for firefighters, police, military and General Public

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Brian Brackbill

Brian Brackbill

Retired Truck Captain from the second largest Fire Department in Santa Clara County, California

Customer Reviews

Read What First Responder Tim Riley had to Say!

My partner and I responded to a two car collision late one evening, and as we were arriving at the scene we found that one vehicle was engulfed in flames with two victims trapped inside. I retrieved my thick gloves from the trunk, ran to the passenger side and tried feverishly to pry open the door.

The flames and smoke were spreading so fast into the passenger area that these two victims died at the scene because they couldn’t be extricated quickly.

If only I had some type of hand-held prying device, I feel that I could have opened that door that night and pulled these two people from their burning car.

California Highway Patrolmen are often times the first ones on the scene of an accident. If each patrol car was equipped with a trunk lid-mounted Tug Tool rescue device, then the First Responders would have a better chance of saving lives.


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