Patent # 8113094

Made in America

Emergency Rescue Tools Assisting in saving lives for firefighters, police, military and General Public

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Answer: You can purchase online (this would be the preferred method) but if you have a unique circumstance, contact me by phone  360-670-3260 or email ( and we can work out something. 

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Answer: We’re currently using the United States Postal service Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping.

Answer: No, we will sell our tools to anybody who will benefit from using them.

Answer: Yes, it will be sent to the address provided.

Answer: Yes, because the Tug Rescue Tool is a rescue tool. I have spoken with many law enforcement personnel in multiple states, and to the person they have all stated the same thing. . . . It is marked as a rescue tool and it is legal to have in your personal vehicle.

Answer: Yes, there will be an additional charge due to the customization of your tool. I will work with you on making it as cost effective as I can.

Answer: Yes, provide the address by phone (360-670-3260) or email ( and the most cost-effective methods will be used to timely send your purchase.

Answer: We chose to make the Tug Rescue Tool from 304 stainless steel for its rust-resistant qualities. Prior to shipping we coat the tools with WD40 to add an extra layer of protection against rusting.

Answer: It is a natural gas shut off for 2 different sized quarter-turn valves and an oxygen valve. It can also be used to deflate tires by placing the hole opening over the valve stem and twisting.

Answer: I carried my Tug Rescue Tool in my Turnout coat pocket. In retirement I still carry one in my driver’s side door.

Answer: Contact me either by phone at 360.670.3260 or fill in our Contact Form and I will deal with you personally. I will do whatever it takes to give you 100 percent satisfaction with the outcome.

Answer: Please Contact Us and I am sure we can work out something.

Answer: Yes you can follow the links below to go to the tool that you are interested in.
Tug Tool
Hit Tool
Elevator Tool

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