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Our Story

How the Tug Rescue Tool came to be . . .

Honestly, The Tug Rescue Tool was created out of frustration. After attending an auto extrication class in August of ’06, I went looking for the tool that the instructor had recommended. The instructor’s last words to me were, “Buy a bunch because they break!” I spent an hour and a half looking for the tool (with store employee help) and the tool was nowhere to be found. Frustrated, to say the least, on my way home I purchased a metal bender and 20′ of 3/8 round stock. 

After a lot of cutting, bending, welding, grinding and scratching my head, I had my own peel and peek tool. Then I put the tool through some field tests and it didn’t perform as well as I had hoped in two areas: One, the hook would straighten out during heavy prying operations; two, it did not have enough weight to break a vehicle’s side window consistently, let alone take out a windshield. That is when the switch was made to 1/4 inch, 304 stainless steel plate, and that solved the problem. I won’t bore you with all the details of 5 years of work, but let me say . . . what an adventure it was!

Thank you to all who have had input on this project!

Here are some key points . . .

The Tug Rescue Tool was named after my Yellow Lab, Tug, and is produced by my family and me. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE. The majority of equipment and materials used in the production process have either been purchased or fabricated in the state of Washington or California. All other equipment was purchased in the United States. 

My family and I decided to produce the Tug Rescue Tool ourselves in the USA so we could guarantee the quality of the materials used and the production process.

It was decided that setting up shop in Port Angeles, WA would meet three of our goals:

    1. Support the local economy
    2. Maintain quality control
    3. Proudly stamp “Made in America” on the Tug Rescue Tool

I am proud of what we have produced and stand behind it 100%.

About me:

  • As of April 17th 2020, after 31 years, I have switched my job assignment to retired Truck Captain from the second largest Fire Department in Santa Clara County, California.
  •  I am now a full-time Grandpa and, yep, loving it!! During my years on the job, I worked both Engine and Truck Company assignments.
  • I am also a California State Certified instructor in 13 disciplines, former member of my department’s Special Operations Task Force and California Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 3, with an extensive background in hands-on rescue operations as well as instruction.
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