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Tug Rescue Tool

The Tug Rescue Tool has and will continue to contribute to safe and successful vehicle extrication events

The Tug Rescue Tool was designed to assist emergency services personnel in locating the pressurized cylinders used to inflate a vehicle’s air bags or activate seat belt tensioners. Until now, no tool was specifically designed to “peel and peek” or “strip before you rip.”

Using the Tug Rescue Tool to remove a vehicle’s interior plastics will help prevent rescuers from cutting into the pressurized cylinders, reducing risk to rescuers and patients from compromised cylinder and projectile injuries. 

The Tug Rescue Tool is firefighter designed and produced right here in America. The majority of equipment and materials used by this family-owned business  have either been purchased or fabricated in the state of Washington or California. All other equipment was purchased in the United States. 


  • Multi-purpose small hook facilitates removal of windows and interior plastics to expose pressurized air bag cylinders
  • The small hook serves as a spanner wrench and a great bottle opener
  •   1/4″ wide hammerhead forms part of the small hook 
  • Opening at the base accommodates 2 types of gas shut-off valves and an oxygen valve
  • Also serves as a tire valve stem puller
  • Pointed end also used for breaching sheet rock, flattening tires, and digging
  • Assists in removing door hinge pins on residential and commercial doors

Design Features:

  • Finger Guard protects fingers when striking an object
  • Notches on top of hook limit slippage when prying
  • Flared bottom prevents hand from slipping off tool and allows for a more secure grasp when turning tool bottom up for prying
  • The ergonomic design ensures proper weight distribution to maximize the function of each tool feature and configures the contour of the tool to comfortably fit a gloved hand

Windshield Removal:

Method # 1
Strike windshield with the tip of the hook
Strike along the perimeter so it breaks/fractures the windshield
Make a hole and insert the Tug Rescue Tool tip down
Drag/pull the Tug Rescue Tool through the fractured glass to remove the windshield

Method # 2
Make a large enough hole to insert the Spanner then use a can opener type method to break or tear the windshield
This method works really well

Deflating a Vehicle's Tires:

Method # 1
Place the valve stem inside the gas shut-off
Twist Tug Tool and rubber valve stem pops right out
DOES NOT work on all rims…Depends on the style

Method # 2
Place the Tip of the Hook against the sidewall of the tire to be flattened
Strike the flat portion (above the spanner) with a striking tool or 4 x 4 cribbing
After the Tug Tool has penetrated the side wall, twist the Tug Rescue Tool and out comes the air

Watch a short video on the uses of The Tug Rescue Tool.

Tug Tool-large

Stainless Steel Tug Tool



Stainless Steel with Seat Belt Cutter


Tug Tool Bottle Opener
Bottle opener

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  • Plasma cut from 1/4″ Solid Stainless Steel Plate
  • 9 inches long and 5 inches at widest point
  • Weighs 15 ounces
  • Fits in turnout pockets

Also available in four colors with durable and attractive powder coat finish!


What First Responders Are Saying:

Tim Riley

Read What First Responder Tim Riley had to Say!

My partner and I responded to a two car collision late one evening, and as we were arriving at the scene we found that one vehicle was engulfed in flames with two victims trapped inside. I retrieved my thick gloves from the trunk, ran to the passenger side and tried feverishly to pry open the door.

The flames and smoke were spreading so fast into the passenger area that these two victims died at the scene because they couldn’t be extricated quickly.

If only I had some type of hand-held prying device, I feel that I could have opened that door that night and pulled these two people from their burning car.

California Highway Patrolmen are often times the first ones on the scene of an accident. If each patrol car was equipped with a trunk lid-mounted Tug Tool rescue device, then the First Responders would have a better chance of saving lives.

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